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Introduction to Tea Leaf Reading!

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$45 for 2 Hours

Location: Spooked In Seattle Tours & Museum – 102 Cherry Street Seattle, WA 98104

Tea Leaf Reading Kit included in cost

1pm Sunday, July 3rd 2016

Discover the Ancient Art of tea leaf reading with Zoë the Psychic. For centuries, Tasseography, more commonly known as tea leaf reading, has been used as a method of producing answers and information about the future. This is done by interpreting the patterns of the tea leaves in a cup. During this two hour workshop, psychic reader, Zoë the Psychic will introduce you to the Art of Tea leaf reading and teach you how to read your own leaves and those of others.

By participating in this workshop you will learn to read like a professional Tea Leaf Reader. While Mastering this form of Divination, you will also gain insight on your own spiritual path. Learning how to interpret basic symbols in patterns will also enable you to help others find their path and make important decisions to improve their lives.

Be prepared to drink lots of tea with an included, interactive reading by Zoë the Psychic.

By the end of the session you will:

· Understand the Spiritual and healing properties of Tea Leaves.

· Be aware of the tools you need to perform a reading (Kit is included)

· Know how to interpret basic symbols and patterns.

· Experience how to prepare your own cup of tea for an accurate reading.

· Use your knowledge to apply tea leaf readings to your everyday life in a helpful way.

· You will also receive a tea leaf Reading of your own!

BONUS: This course includes your very own tea leaf reading kit.

The Kit includes:

· Your very own reading tea cup and saucer.

· A small tea spoon.

· A booklet with basic symbol interpretations.

· A sample of loose leaf tea

Your kit will allow you to follow along with Zoë the Psychic as she demonstrates step by step how to perform a reading and practice on your own time as well. This kit can also be used to jumpstart a professional practice of tea leaf reading.

About Zoë the Psychic:

Zoë the Psychic is a local Empath. Her specialty happens to be tea leaf reading. She began practicing the art of Divination at an early age and has been exposed to many cultures. She grew up in France where she first encountered the tradition of tea leaf readings. Tea leaf reading is a dying art and Zoë the Psychic shares her insight to keep the tradition alive.