Video Chat and Phone Readings

Click the link below to book your next reading via Skype.

Step 1. Fill out the contact form below to request a reading.

*** Please remember to fill out all the information.

Step 2. Once you have filled out the form press send. Within 48 Hours Zoë the Psychic will be in touch. Expect the response via email however if you have added your phone number she can contact you to discuss a good time to book a reading.

Step 3. Once you confirm with Zoë on a reading time she will send you a response with a paypal button and appointment time reminder.

Note: Readings are $10.00 for 1 half an hour.  Feel free to request a preferred divination method. Tarot cards will be a automatically used if not. Readings will not happen unless they have been paid for in advance.

Both Zoë and you will then log on for your reading at the agreed upon time.

For any questions call 707 733 3038