What I can do:

Skype or Phone Readings: Here



Parties and Events:

One way I stand out is that i cater to you!  My event services range from palm reading and tarot readings with individual guests or sciences. Depending on how spiritual the host is I go from fancy anniversary events to fun halloween parties. I bring my own equipment (tarot cards, divination items) all i need is a area to have individual hearings. Feel free to contact me for requests. I am a psychic, I can accommodate! For basic pricing check out my fee page.

 Palm Readings:

The palm says a lot about a person. It grows with us. My palm readings usually last from 15minutes to 45 minutes long. Palmistry is a much more in depth method of divination. If you have any more questions about my palmistry services please contact me. For basic pricing check out the fee page.

Tarot Readings:

Using a classic Rider weight deck, I provide a 15 minutes to 1 hour therapeutic reading/consultation. Over time Tarot cards have been used to open up the mind and free the subconscious. I use a variety of spreads to ensure that you get the best reading possible. Tarot cards a great group reading divinatory method. Contact me for more info.


Tea leaf readings

Dream analysis reports:

As soon I have the info, I type up a full report of your dream interpretation. You will receive your report via email within a week. You can also request a copy to be mailed to you. From the moment you submit your dream you should receive a fresh printed version of the report.  These include, individual interpretations of parts of the dream meanings, possible reasons to be having this dream based on something that is happening in your life. I give you guidance and advice on how to handle your dream results. I give an overview of the interpretation and an in-depth review.

(I always advise my clients to write down important dreams as soon as they wake up to avoid forgetting them. This allows them to be prepared.)

For pricing visit my fee page.



Date Night Reading!

Do you need a creative Date attraction to surprise you partner? Why not take them to a psychic reading. Whether you are married, dating or you are friends this is the perfect activity for a get together. Not only do i give you both a psychic reading but I also give a full relationship reading!  Fees

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