Questions with Answers

Q: Where do the individual readings usually take place?

A: I like to read my clients in a private but public setting. I usually have a few suggestions in New York City. Here are some examples:

  • Coffee shop
  • The library
  • We can have readings over food in good but not busy restaurants
  • Outside! Depending on the weather a peaceful Picnic area a park.

No Cars or homes for individual readings as a safety precaution.

I cater to whats convenient for you and what I can get to.


Q: What forms of payment do you accept for local individual Readings?

A: I prefer cash. But I can charge via card often using a paypal scanner on my phone.

I ask for the money up front before the reading. No refunds.

Please no checks.

Q: Can I bring a friend to the reading?

A: Yes! I can get into some personal information so If you don’t trust this friend with your darkest secrets to watch and listen please don’t bring him/her. If you want to have a reading together that’s fine too.


Q: Can I Bring my partner/ Boyfriend/ girlfriend/ spouse?

A: Yes! In fact I can read your relationship! It can be a great Date activity. However The pricing is a little higher than my usual standard individual pricing.