Dream interpretations

Dream analysis reports:

When you sign up for my newsletter you can also ask for my dream analysis services. I will contact you via email to get the information I need about your dream. As soon I have the info, I type up a full report of your dream interpretation. You will receive your report via email within a week. You can also request a copy to be mailed to you. From the moment you submit your dream you should receive a fresh printed version of the report.  These include, individual interpretations of parts of the dream meanings, possible reasons to be having this dream based on something that is happening in your life. I give you guidance and advice on how to handle your dream results. I give an overview of the interpretation and an in-depth review.

(I always advise my clients to write down important dreams as soon as they wake up to avoid forgetting them. This allows them to be prepared.)

For pricing visit my fee page.

To begin click here: Dream interpretations

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