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Phone #707 733 3038

Call me for a free consultation or to schedule an appointment. My phone line is open 24/7. However if the call isn’t urgent please wait until daylight hours so that I can restore my energy and get some rest. Helping people in their time of need is what I do best.

(If I don’t answer right away please leave me a voicemail with your name and number and I will get back to you as soon as I can.)

For local clients : I work in Brooklyn, NY. Video chats and phone calls can happen from anywhere!

Contact me via email by filling out the form below. Please specify in the drop down menu what type of message/request you are sending.

What to expect:

I provide a variety of services. Please select a service of interest below. If you need a consultation, an appointment, questions or concerns please fill out the general contact form below and specify your desire.

Dream interpretations- click this option if you have a dream that needs to be interpreted. I will send you a confirmation. Fill out a general form and you will be asked for a full summery on your dream. Once I have all the information I analyze your dream and based on your order I print out a nice quality copy of the report and mail it to you or I can attach an electronic copy via email.

Video chat service sign up: These services require Skype. (it’s a free video chat software. All you need is good internet, a webcam, a computer, a microphone, sound.) Each of my video services last up to 30 minutes per client.

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